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Affiliate Program

We create

partner ecosystem to bring together business development professionals.

Our partners help

companies around the world achieve excellence in business development.

Use IMOOX technologies

relying on our support and attention to partner business.

Taking care of the development of the partner ecosystem, IMOOX guarantees support and attention to the partner business, focusing on providing a steady income as well as providing innovative technologies for business development and expansion.

  • Advantages
  • Conditions
  • Statuses

Affiliate Program IMOOX — is a great opportunity for partners to earn and grow their business quickly with a global vendor of business solutions.

Partners receive:
  • No restrictions on partner status
  • Margin to 60% and monthly bonuses
  • Transparent transition to higher levels to obtain higher margins
By paying an annual contribution, the partner receives:
  • Free full versions of services « Business Sites » and « Business management »
  • Affiliate Business Support
  • Partner Certification
  • Placement on the site in section « Partners »
  • Consultation hours and online support for affiliate businesses
  • Receiving applications from a vendor
Who can become a partner:

Companies interested in consulting, selling and implementing IMOOX products.

  • Consult
  • Software resellers
  • Software manufacturers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Educational institutions / training agencies
  • Global / regional system integrators
  • CRM integrators
  • Software integrators
Benefits of starting a partnership:
  • An opportunity to open a new line of business
  • Ability to implement large and complex projects as well receive applications from vendor
  • Flexible conditions for moving to higher levels of partnership
  • Operational support and comprehensive business partnership
  • Easy start: To start the collaboration, the partner pays an annual fee (any package) and receives services included in the selected package. By paying an annual contribution, the new partner receives the corresponding status. Partner may not pay annual fee and receive status & laquo; Referral & raquo; partner.
  • Increase revenue: The margin and amount of services that a partner can receive from the vendor depend on the partner's level. Increasing your level, the partner gets higher margins and additional IMOOX services.
  • Marketing Fund: The Marketing Fund is calculated as a percentage of the partner's sales and can be used by the partner to fund their marketing activities aimed at promoting IMOOX products and services.
  • Stable payments: IMOOX pays & laquo; One-time payment » from the first payment and subsequently after the first payment deadline « Monthly bonuses » from customer payments for using the services « Business Sites », « Business management», « Simple logistics » within 36 months.
Transition between levels:

The IMOOX affiliate program allows you to dynamically advance to a higher level.

  • The partner can move up to one year. To do this, you must pay an annual fee and meet the conditions for annual income.
  • At any time, the partner can top up their IMOOX deposit account to get the desired level, then withdraw the amount from their account as sales.
  • If a partner closes an agreement that allows them to move to a higher level, the partner receives a higher margin under that agreement.
  • Partner level can only grow during the year.
Status and payment:
Status Annual contribution Annual earnings Marketing Fund Monthly Bonuses One time payout
"Referral" - - - - 20%
"Base" $50 from $5000 5% 20% 30%
"Advanced" $200 from $20000 5% 25% 40%
"Expanded" $500 from $60000 5% 30% 50%
"Maximum" $1000 5% 35% 60%
Partner level is determined by two indicators:
  • Annual profit: is revenue earned from IMOOX from license sales, technical support, and partner training during the fiscal year to advance to the next status.
  • Annual contribution: starting with status « Базовий » is the annual fee payment is required. Partner may not pay annual fee and receive status « Referral ».

Steps towards partnership

  • Choose status

  • Apply

  • Pay a contribution

  • Earn revenue

Our partners

You want to become a partner?

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.


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